Sunday, July 31, 2011

Un stile italiano

Blue shirt, high waisted beige cotton trousers a little above the ankle and of course red/dark blue moccasins with the Louis Vuitoon bag which i would really change in the styling. What makes me astonished is that no matter how long the Italian women or men are wearing their garments (especially the shirts because they are cotton and i would say that they are their favorite piece of wardrobe) it seems that the clothes has just been ironed and taken from the dry-cleaning and it really looks like all the suits are done in the atelier specially for this or that type of figure because they normally fit perfectly up to the millimeters. 

Lets talk about the Italian male fashion: I adore the selection of colors for the suits, accessories like handkerchiefs or the matching shoes. Pretty much all the time it would be dark blue suit with either a white or light blue shirt underneath with a combination of the brown classical shoes with those recesses on the front part of the shoe. I am absolutely agreed with the choice of the the dark blue color for the suit for many reasons: first of all, it is a rich color and looks a lot more expensive the black, secondly it is a lot easier to combine the color itself with others rather than black which would be the most common color for the suits - dark blue can be combined with light blue, brown, beige, red, orange and the others so as you can see there is a wider selection and the maybe only one suit you have you can have a different everyday look from being very classical and traditional to more lets say 'relaxing styling'. I can honestly say that i prefer the men's styling rather than womens because i think that women can learn a lot from Italian men about the combination of colors they use that can be interpreted in the female garments. The idea of 'perfection' is very much developed in Italy especially in Milano sometimes reaching its absurd boarders. Most of the time it is over exaggerated with the perfect
'woman alike' look talking about the part where man start to pinch eyebrows, taking sunbeds and spending more time in front of the mirror than women normally do. 

One of the very famous representatives will be Elkann Lapo whom i adore by the way:) - the owner of the italian 'Fiat'.

Milan Menswear Parties Lapo Elkann and Jon Kortajarena.  Established & Sons' Salone Internazionale del Mobile                                                            Dinner

Stella McCartney Milan Store Opening and Established & Sons Dinner Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani with Lapo Elkann.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tom Ford, what a genious.

For the last five years i have been obsessed with one designer who always have been a mens designer until recently when started his own womenswear collection - Tom Ford. Of course Tom Ford, not only the sexiest male designer but also one among the few who created a personage for woman's character - young, dangerous, sexy, skinny but at the time time curvy. Dangerously agrestocratic perfection  - thats how i would describe his style for both male and female collections and the choice of the models for shootings and advertising campaigns.

Talking about the latest female FW 2012 advertising campaign which practically made me speechless. Perfect choice of model, amazing oversaturated colors, 'red eye' effect which is by the way i see for the first time in the campaign and is absolutely stunning. BRAVO TOM!!!

Fashion definition

For the start, i would love to talk about the definition of fashion. I am not going to write here that 'fashion describes your internal state', its quite boring and banal.
As for me, fashion is a realization of your dreams, distinction prove which sometimes might have a mass use character, lifestyle, definition of beauty, social and global changes, emancipation which leads to creating a new pattern of beauty, singularity etc and i won't miss that group of people describing my own view of what exactly should i put on today.
I am belonging to the style group which i find quite particular  - the underlining of the classic, aristocratic style and the same time sexy, arrogant and sophisticated. Sometimes with this kind of styling I am being judged by others as a person not exactly matching 'the supposed' age group but i accept the comments with composure because it is something that makes me unique in the group of people i am surrounded by and i think these days it is quite difficult to find something you know that is 'yours' and with every seasonal fashion change you are able to make it work.

My birthday dress i got from the showroom in Milano called Hoss Itropia. What i love about the dress itself:
1. the color - very delicate (not very intensive) which is perfect for the bright tone of skin
2. Cartier 
3. clutch Prada

The dress i got from Nadine with an open neckline is suitable for the people with the thin long neck and a bony breast structure. Just a plane 'over the knee' elegant dress, very simple but has its effect mixed with some matching accessories in this case i prefer gold ones.

One of my favourite combinations for the SS 2011 with its simple structure and bright colors.
The shoes i am wearing in this photo is something that i would never wear because i have a big feet size so any shoe with the 'long nose' would make my feet look bigger but in this case as you can see there is a deep cut on the internal part of the shoe which not only makes the leg itself look thiner but also makes the feet look smaller.

This styling as you can see i used for my final project in my fashion school concerning about plastic surgery. The top, which is a gilete, was turned the other way round and worn without nothing underneath which i find very sexy with a jewerly in the decolette which is made of the soft metallic material and can be twisted around with the high waist skirt which i adore. (all is from Hoss Itropia).
YOu can also check out the video that was made for my diploma concerning the new idea for plastic surgery called 'plastic maturity'. I have worked with a great team especially two of my best friends Anelle as a model and Giulia as a videomaker. Hope you enjoy it:)

Directed by Anya Stepanova 
Video maker Yulia Matsiy
Model Anelle Temirkhanova
Model Benjamin Szczesny 
Model Andrey Halvenski 
Model Patrick Bryson 
Special thanks to Studio Dietologico Italiano SRL Adelson Alexandrino


One of my favourite garments stylings which i actually never worn 
out before but i really have to wait for the colder times:) 

 There is a black dress with a black long sleeveless coat on the top (made by my very good friend designer Dimantissa), white top and all covered with a black wide belt. It can be quite hot and heavy to wear what can we do for fashion:).

As i think you noticed, i love long dressed, its feminine, sexy and elegant. This dress from Mango i wore for my graduation. Beautiful color and the material. What i loved about this dress is the goldish buttons which make the dress look richer than it is. Be careful though, you need suer high hills not to make it dirty at the hem. :)


Hello everyone. First of all I should probably introduce myself even though you can read everything in the profile info:). My name is Anya and i have jut graduated from the Milano fashion school as a fashion stylist. 

Spending the lovely summer vacation in Croatia and Saint Tropez after a long and hardproductive year of working on my diploma, i came to a conclusion that i deserve one lazy month of doing nothing just getting tanned and relaxed somewhere far away in this case it was not that difficult since we have a vacation house abroad:).

After two weeks of a 'hamster life', i realized that i need my life tempo back because going straight from  the stressful, hard but at the same time intensive life to something completely opposite was quite unusual for me and my mental state so i decided that creating something along with doing nothing have to improve the situation. So finally here i am, creating a blog mainly about me and my tastes in fashion, cinema and art.