Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Carine Roitfeld - the living legend.

Who could of done  more for the fashion industry rather than Carine Roitfeld? The living legend and the mother of two left a huge contribution into the french lifestyle. The long and successful career began with modelling ( as banal as it sounds) smoothly moving to the French Elle where she worked as a freelance stylist: "I was not the best stylist when I worked for fifteen years for French Elle, but certainly when I met Mario Testino something happened. The right person for me at the right time [...]." Soon after the famous metting, Roitfeld and Testino started working together as a team for the both American and French Vogue. Later on she went on working as a muse and consultant for Tom Ford at Gucci for 6 years. It led to a great friendship and co-operation in a very creative, sometimes scandalous and provocative French Vogue editorials (Cadeaux – little girls dressed up as elder women, Forever Love etc).
After ten years of working as a editor-in-chief of today’s the most powerful Vogue Paris following the retirement decision, Carine finally writes a book. Featuring a selection of 250 magazine tear sheets and covers from pivotal editorial shoots and advertising campaigns, as well as intimate visual ephemera, this book gives an inside view into Roitfeld's creative thought process and sensibility. A must-have for those interested in cutting-edge fashion and femininity, this book will empower women to follow Roitfeld's lead and take risks with their personal style. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tribute to Brioni

What an intence! Everyone is going wild getting ready for Milan fashion week and guess what? Seems like the 25th of September 2011 all the fashionistas and moda observers would unexpectedly  have a 45 minute break between helter-skelter rhythm of running around the shows and deservedly having  a cup of capuccino meanwhile gossiping about Anna’s Piaggi another fashion trick appearance.

After a long time of silence and inaccurate information due to the fashion gossip world , the Brioni Spa finally released the definitive statement online:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
 “This strategic decision has been made in order for the company to re-focus its resources on the men’s market, which is recently becoming both increasingly competitive and global.”
Alessandro Dell’Aqua(the appointed house designer) brought a positive development into the company because for the last couple of years woman collections were made by a group of designers who had a different, messy and overwork approach. The SS 2011 has surprised the audience with its completely different appearance  - minimal and clean elements just felt perfectly right for this brand’s change: some classic basics—a black pantsuit with full legs paired with a black cotton voile button-down, for example, or a white linen short-sleeve shirt that matched its cropped and tapered pants.
We hope Brioni to solve all the internal company issues and  come back next season with a great and fresh  start.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prognosis for the fashion trends SS 2012

For every Milanese it is not a secret that a very special event which everyone is waiting for so impatiently is coming in less than a month – Milan fashion week spring /summer 2012 womenswear.  It becomes more and more noticeable even  from the early stage when the city seem to acquire an international attitude – any public place like café or restaurants is fulfilled with an English dialect, Italian men are flirting around with  the young  foreign  models, fashion students walking around with their cameras.  For a week of the fashion show, Milan transfers into a fashion victim place – people who are not even relevant to the fashion industry term, put on their best suits to match the city rhythm.

So how would the upcoming  SS 2012 collections look like? I have decided to schedule the prognosis and projections by comparing the last three-year spring/summer tendency results. So the trends listed below  are the ones repeated  predominantly. 

1.      Pattern play 
Gareth Pugh SS2011
  Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti 
 SS200Givenchy SS2010

2.      Goddess worship 

Chloe SS2011
 Chrisitian Dior SS2010
 Donna karan SS2009
3.      ‘We wear pants’

Diane von Furstenberg SS2011
 Gianfranco Ferre SS2010
 Tibi SS2009

4.      Seeing the light

Cerruti SS2011
 Fendi SS2009
 Matthew Ames SS2010

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elle US September 2011 by Laurie Bartley

Just this evening, after finishing my previous post about the latest trends for FW 2011/12, I was about to go to bed, when i have decided to quickly look through the latest fashion editorials and i saw one which left me astonished so i decided to share it with you -  Jeneil Williams by Laurie Bartley for Elle US September 2011. Amazing photography, choice of colors and model (Jeneil Williamswho is probably among few models with such a strong face expression. It is a tropical storyline about the escape of the artist  supported by the Brian Molloy (stylist) likes of Versace, Chloe, Max Mara and Balenciaga.
Enjoy :) 



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trend report FW 2011/12

As the autumn comes rapidly, i think it is time to talk about latest fashion trends even though the summer is still taking over especially in my case (the weather in Milan would be quite warm until November) . This season, there are quite a lot of them, different in its nature so I would like to concentrate on the ones i prefer the most:

I cannot even express my joy when i realized that classical form of tux is coming back in fashion - minimal, 'no print', 'borrowed-from-the-boys, A-la Viktoria Beckham style along with the matching color, above the ankle, a little oversized trousers can work perfectly for both - everyday and evening wear.

Vogue China  
Victoria and David Beckham 

 Michael Kors FW 2011, New York streetwear

Russian Vogue august 2011 issue


What can be more girly than spotty dresses? This season we see the interpretation from the diaphanous Gucci gowns to the complete 'spotty commitment' from Marc Jacobs. 

Gucci FW dress from FW 2011, Marc Jacobs FW 2011, Fashion shooting by Steven Klein

Color Forms

And again fashion comes back to the 'geometry basics' like Ennio Capasa's collection has a definite recall from the famous 'Mondrian dress' by YSL from 1967. Structured colorful pattern wool jackets from Chloè or the minimalistic black/white garments from YSL represent the modern way of the 'print architecture'.

Costume National FW 2011 vs Mondrian dress from YSL 1967

Editorial from 

YSL FW 2011
Prada FW 2011

Steel chains

Rough, massive, one piece design which by itself can be seen as a
'too much' accessory, along with a simple minimal no print garment
is in its perfect harmony. The brightest representatives this season would be Phoebe Philo and Stefano Pilati who found great solutions in order to create the 'perfect accent' for their collections. 

    Celine FW 2011 

          YSL FW 2011 


Bow tie
Even though,the 'boy alike' look was twigged at a latest FW 2011 runways, there have been some celebrities spotted during with the   dandy-ish neckties which is somehting new.