Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trend report FW 2011/12

As the autumn comes rapidly, i think it is time to talk about latest fashion trends even though the summer is still taking over especially in my case (the weather in Milan would be quite warm until November) . This season, there are quite a lot of them, different in its nature so I would like to concentrate on the ones i prefer the most:

I cannot even express my joy when i realized that classical form of tux is coming back in fashion - minimal, 'no print', 'borrowed-from-the-boys, A-la Viktoria Beckham style along with the matching color, above the ankle, a little oversized trousers can work perfectly for both - everyday and evening wear.

Vogue China  
Victoria and David Beckham 

 Michael Kors FW 2011, New York streetwear

Russian Vogue august 2011 issue


What can be more girly than spotty dresses? This season we see the interpretation from the diaphanous Gucci gowns to the complete 'spotty commitment' from Marc Jacobs. 

Gucci FW dress from FW 2011, Marc Jacobs FW 2011, Fashion shooting by Steven Klein

Color Forms

And again fashion comes back to the 'geometry basics' like Ennio Capasa's collection has a definite recall from the famous 'Mondrian dress' by YSL from 1967. Structured colorful pattern wool jackets from Chloè or the minimalistic black/white garments from YSL represent the modern way of the 'print architecture'.

Costume National FW 2011 vs Mondrian dress from YSL 1967

Editorial from www.fashiogonerogue.com 

YSL FW 2011
Prada FW 2011

Steel chains

Rough, massive, one piece design which by itself can be seen as a
'too much' accessory, along with a simple minimal no print garment
is in its perfect harmony. The brightest representatives this season would be Phoebe Philo and Stefano Pilati who found great solutions in order to create the 'perfect accent' for their collections. 

    Celine FW 2011 

          YSL FW 2011 


Bow tie
Even though,the 'boy alike' look was twigged at a latest FW 2011 runways, there have been some celebrities spotted during with the   dandy-ish neckties which is somehting new.


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