Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello everyone. First of all I should probably introduce myself even though you can read everything in the profile info:). My name is Anya and i have jut graduated from the Milano fashion school as a fashion stylist. 

Spending the lovely summer vacation in Croatia and Saint Tropez after a long and hardproductive year of working on my diploma, i came to a conclusion that i deserve one lazy month of doing nothing just getting tanned and relaxed somewhere far away in this case it was not that difficult since we have a vacation house abroad:).

After two weeks of a 'hamster life', i realized that i need my life tempo back because going straight from  the stressful, hard but at the same time intensive life to something completely opposite was quite unusual for me and my mental state so i decided that creating something along with doing nothing have to improve the situation. So finally here i am, creating a blog mainly about me and my tastes in fashion, cinema and art. 

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