Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tom Ford, what a genious.

For the last five years i have been obsessed with one designer who always have been a mens designer until recently when started his own womenswear collection - Tom Ford. Of course Tom Ford, not only the sexiest male designer but also one among the few who created a personage for woman's character - young, dangerous, sexy, skinny but at the time time curvy. Dangerously agrestocratic perfection  - thats how i would describe his style for both male and female collections and the choice of the models for shootings and advertising campaigns.

Talking about the latest female FW 2012 advertising campaign which practically made me speechless. Perfect choice of model, amazing oversaturated colors, 'red eye' effect which is by the way i see for the first time in the campaign and is absolutely stunning. BRAVO TOM!!!

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