Sunday, July 31, 2011

Un stile italiano

Blue shirt, high waisted beige cotton trousers a little above the ankle and of course red/dark blue moccasins with the Louis Vuitoon bag which i would really change in the styling. What makes me astonished is that no matter how long the Italian women or men are wearing their garments (especially the shirts because they are cotton and i would say that they are their favorite piece of wardrobe) it seems that the clothes has just been ironed and taken from the dry-cleaning and it really looks like all the suits are done in the atelier specially for this or that type of figure because they normally fit perfectly up to the millimeters. 

Lets talk about the Italian male fashion: I adore the selection of colors for the suits, accessories like handkerchiefs or the matching shoes. Pretty much all the time it would be dark blue suit with either a white or light blue shirt underneath with a combination of the brown classical shoes with those recesses on the front part of the shoe. I am absolutely agreed with the choice of the the dark blue color for the suit for many reasons: first of all, it is a rich color and looks a lot more expensive the black, secondly it is a lot easier to combine the color itself with others rather than black which would be the most common color for the suits - dark blue can be combined with light blue, brown, beige, red, orange and the others so as you can see there is a wider selection and the maybe only one suit you have you can have a different everyday look from being very classical and traditional to more lets say 'relaxing styling'. I can honestly say that i prefer the men's styling rather than womens because i think that women can learn a lot from Italian men about the combination of colors they use that can be interpreted in the female garments. The idea of 'perfection' is very much developed in Italy especially in Milano sometimes reaching its absurd boarders. Most of the time it is over exaggerated with the perfect
'woman alike' look talking about the part where man start to pinch eyebrows, taking sunbeds and spending more time in front of the mirror than women normally do. 

One of the very famous representatives will be Elkann Lapo whom i adore by the way:) - the owner of the italian 'Fiat'.

Milan Menswear Parties Lapo Elkann and Jon Kortajarena.  Established & Sons' Salone Internazionale del Mobile                                                            Dinner

Stella McCartney Milan Store Opening and Established & Sons Dinner Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani with Lapo Elkann.

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