Monday, September 12, 2011

'God save my shoes'.

 High hills or the shoes in general have always been an unexplainable obsession for women reaching an absolutely ridiculous ‘no limit quantity’. The disease has a global scale extension with a contagious character.
Of course, the shoe-shopping urge can be closely related to the various factors from the power of the fashion industry and pop culture to the fetish and psychological reasons.
The relationship between women and shoes are quite particular: through all the pain and ‘lattice-hill’ disaster, somehow women sacrifice to feel more powerful, sexy but yet beautiful and feminine.
The abstract shoe love stereotype is not the only one pushing women to the ‘buy reflex’. One of the brightest examples would be the famous Carry Bradshow from Sex and the city. Due to the Variety, Nielsen Media Research, there are more than 10.6 million people watched the series last year so lets imaginary guess the outweigh sex percentage.
Psychological reasons can also play a big role in the ‘shoe buying process’. As many women honestly confess that the problem lays deep down in the childhood roots due to the material or ‘strict parenting’ reasons. The fear of ‘not getting’ forces the women to grab the pair so it leads to the ‘Imelda Marcos, here I come’ issue.
‘God save my shoes’ directed by Julie Benasra is the latest justified shoe film (clear from the name itself) coming out soon so we are impatiently waiting for the perfect color palette wardrobes along with its lucky owners. 

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