Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Micam Milano september 2011

Micam shoe event has a global character – the world famous exhibition collects millions of buyers and brand representatives every year. Milano Pho Fiera crowd seems to be speaking an international language – from Russian and English to Arabic and Chinese.

At the trade, I felt myself almost an outsider wearing a pair of lovely handmade designer high heel shoes. Surprised? I was as well, discovering the fashionistas walking around in a pair of sneakers or comfy timberlands. After couple of hours of mooching around, I realized the buyers’ clever foresight – 3710000 square feet expo surface was quite a journey for a five-inch ‘suffer for beauty’ tour.
Whilst 2010 saw an inversion of trends following the serious international economic crisis, 2011 production is beginning to recover so it bodes well for business. 

The shoe market this year presents a various number of collections quite different in the origin but so far a trend can be settled. The spiky breath was inherent to many shoe designers: aggressive in it’s essence but yet with a touch of feminine colours such as light pink or beige. With the presence of both, its makes the perfect neutral combination.
The ‘sea theme’ has always been a part of the every SS collection. This year is not an exception.  The never fading red blue white stripes are bursting on the runways.

Another interesting trend comes with the inspiration of the men shoes right before the French Revolution in 1792 (Vittorio Martire). In the modern version, high hill is reduced down to the 1.5 inches making it comfortable for the everyday wear.  The shape is quite interesting: elongated narrow form allows the feet look more graceful. When it comes to the fabric, there is a big choice from the
velour and  velvet to the silk and patent leather. Feminine, businesslike and elegant pair of those shoes will be a great part in every womens wardrobe. 

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